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The Historic Christmas Village of Merano

The Historic Christmas Village of Merano

Every year, the Merano Tourist Office offers new contents, including the Historical Christmas Village at piazza della Rena. The Village evokes the Christmas atmosphere of the past, offering artisan products made like in the past and calling the community to gather around the fireplace in the center of the square, warming up with drinks and dishes prepared by the caterers.

The Village is home to Goldy, the mascot of the Christmas market. Goldy invites everyone to take part in creative workshops and attend the shows. Don’t miss the rich musical program of bands and choirs that for the occasion dress up.

Lots of market stalls to visit:

  • 2 gastronomic specialties stalls: cheese spätzle, grilled skewers, “stockbrot” and apple fritters
  • 6 stalls of traditional craftsmanship
  • Stalls of associations with hot drinks
  • Goldy´s stall
  • Music stage&theatre
  • Many tables around the fire

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