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The ancient crafts are passed on from generation to generation, and in every South Tyrol’s house they represent a bond with the own territory and history. Honouring the past and living the traditions, these are the purposes of the “stube“, where visitors can watch the artisans creating small masterpieces.

The Program 2018-2019:

  • 22-24 November: Andreas Schwabl
    candles and wooden angels
  • 25-27 November: Ingeborg Pardeller
    objects in felt
  • 28-30 November: Maria Hofer
    knitted and crochet objects for children
  • 01-03 December: Gottfried Perathoner
    wooden Christmas sculptures
  • 04-07 December: Laura Casarotti
    creations made out of embroidery and knitting
  • 08-10 December: Lara Rasom
    jewelry and decorations made out of glass
  • 11-14 December: Sabrina Barcatta
    artifacts made out of glass
  • 15-17 December: Gianna Marches e Sabrina Carnio
    embroidery and cloth articles
  • 18-21 December: Loredana Grasso
    needlework, patchwork and country painting
  • 22-24 December: Massimo Ladone e Virginie Quere
    metallic objects, stones and crystals for ayurvedic use
  • 26-28 December: Theresia Waldner
    blankets and figures
  • 29-31 December: Maria G. Frison
    household articles and clothes made out of felt
  • 01-04 January: Helga Schwabl
    creations made out of felt
  • 05-06 January: Paola Zampieri
    candles in various forms

The perfect occasion to discover artisanal techniques and to buy goods produced on site!

Merano Tourist Bureau

In this stand you will find

Artisans working wood, stone, glass, wax, felt and wool.

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