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Situated at an elevation of 324 metres (1,063 feet) above sea level, Merano lies in a basin formed by the mouths of the Val Venosta, Valle dell’Adige and Val Passiria. High mountain ranges protect the city to the north and the east. This unique geography is largely responsible for the city’s typically mild climate, which supports a wide variety of Mediterranean and subtropical plants. Palms, cactuses and similar vegetation create an appealing contrast to the native Alpine flora.

Merano’s historic town-centre

Discover Merano’s historic centre – a walking tour that is well worth the effort. Are you in the mood for a quick tour of the city? In Merano’s historic centre you will find medieval lanes, city walls and gates, the flawless architecture of elegant Art Nouveau buildings that date back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, churches and religious buildings of diverse denominations as well as gardens and parks in a wide range of styles. The city’s medieval centre encompasses Via Portici, which connects Piazza del Grano with Piazza Duomo, the Steinach Quarter, Via Leonardo da Vinci, Via delle Corse and the three remaining city gates. The city centre, which for the most part is a pedestrian zone, also includes Corso della Libertà, Piazza Teatro and Piazza della Rena as well as the Ponte delle Poste and Ponte Teatro bridges.

Merano Kurhaus (Spa)

The Merano Kurhaus is the perfect backdrop to the Merano Christmas Market. It is the emblem of Merano as a spa town and one of the loveliest wellness centres south of the Alps. Today, its spatial rooms host a variety of cultural and social events, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, celebrations and gala evenings.


Merano’s museums are veritable treasure troves of history and stories. They report the spa town’s great past and exciting present in ways that are both impressive and instructive, as well as endlessly entertaining.

Things to see in Merano – the following museums are open at Christmas time:

Castles and palaces

  • Rametz Castle
    Via Labers 4, Tel. 0473 211011
  • Kallmünz Castle
    Piazza della Rena 12, Tel. 0473 212917
  • Katzenstein Castle
  • Torre Delle Polveri (Powder Tower)
    The tower that stands high above the historic town-centre on Via Tappeiner, now in ruins, once belonged to the Ortenstein fortress and served as the castle keep. In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the tower was used to store gunpowder and as a refuge for the local populace in times of war.
  • Pienzenau Castle
    Maia Alta, Via Pienzenau 6, Tel. 0473 235979
  • Rundegg Castle
    Via Scena 2, Tel. 0473 234100
  • Castello Principesco (Royal Residence)
    Via Galilei, Tel. 329 0186390

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